Who we are & What we believe

Our Values
We believe that the Glory of God
revealed in the Word of God
creates the people of God

Our Mission
Our mission is to make every home a house of prayer for the glory of God and we envision doing this by being a praying, serving, discipling, multiplying church.

Our method of discipleship incorporates seven steps:
Spirit-filled Life
Scripture reveals the way of salvation. When we receive salvation, God fills us with his Spirit. When we are filled with God’s spirit, our lives become a song of worship to God. As worshipers, we are sent out by God to spread a passion for his glory. Because we have been sent on God’s crucial mission, we must be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us. Good stewardship requires sacrifice.

We are a local church with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The Alliance is a denomination founded by A.B. Simpson in 1887 with a focus on missions and reaching the lost.


Here is an excerpt from a sermon on Sept 13, 2015 where Pastor Mike explains what we feel is the proper and healthy way to interpret Scripture.


Constitution & Bylaws

Relational Principles