House of Prayer is a churchplant of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. You can read about the core doctrines of the Christian and Missionary Alliance here >> Alliance beliefs.

One year from now, are you going to be a happier, more peaceful person? One year from now, will you be more satisfied because of the presence of God in your life? One year from now, will you be better able to withstand the pressures and storms of life because you have walked in the shadow of the Almighty and been counseled by the Savior, Jesus Christ?

We are a weave of ordinary people drawn together to help one another pursue God. We would love to know where you came from if it helps us know you and helps you grow, but what we really care about is where you are going.

Happy Pills and Unhappy Lives

We take little concepts like “joy” and “peace” pretty seriously.

We’re saddened by the epidemic levels of anxiety and depression we see in the people around us. People, we might note, who live in by far the wealthiest society in the history of the world.

Neil Postman, author of Amusing Ourselves to Death, notes that our society has changed. We no longer live in neighborhoods where people sit out on the front porch with their neighbors and share a cup of lemonade. Home architecture reflects this fact. Instead, we hunker down in over-sized leather recliners in our oversized living rooms in front of over-sized televisions, engrossed, not in relationships, but in spectacle. And what we see on the television slowly shapes who we are as people. Sociological data reveals that we are much more cynical about and fearful of our neighbor than our grandparents were. Postman points out that this is largely because of the influence of television violence, particularly the nightly “news.”

If you want to live your life addicted to happy pills and unhappy television, that’s your choice. But someday, you’ll stand before God, accountable for the life that has been given to you, accountable for the life of your fellow man, accountable for every day.

Real Relationships

At House of Prayer, we believe that relationships matter and are the key to restoring peace and joy to our lives.

Our most important relationship, the one we pursue most vigorously, is our sacred walk with God through Jesus Christ. God said in the Bible: “Call on me in the day of trouble and I will answer you and you will honor me, says the Lord…” So we read the Bible and we talk to God. A lot. We talk to God because He cares. We talk to God because He hears us. We talk to God because, simply, God answers prayer.

After that, we strive to create authentic, encouraging relationships with one another. We meet together in small groups to study God’s story, the ancient scriptures, and to pray. We talk and laugh and encourage each other. We meet in homes, in coffee shops, in apartments and sometimes in pubs. Where we meet doesn’t matter. What matters is our camaraderie, our common bond – that we are all sinners, at one time on the run from God, who have been spared from absolute catastrophe by the free, radical, and unlimited grace of God. What matters is our love – that we are willing to die for God and each other.

We have all pursued joy and peace and satisfaction in something, or some things, besides God. This is what the Bible calls idolatry. Yet God did not choose to crush us for our idolatry and lack of respect and love for him. Instead, He crushed his Son, Jesus, and poured out his blood so that you and I might go free. If guilty sinners like us have been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, shall we not also be reconciled to one another, having close relationships and dynamic friendships? Since God made so great a sacrifice for us, will we not make great sacrifices for one another? Indeed, we shall.

So we relentlessly pursue peace, joy, happiness, and satisfaction in Jesus Christ. We leap into the light of sacred relationships, the ancient scripture and conversational prayer. We then plunge into the abyss of this world’s darkness – the addictions, the abuse, the relational dysfunction, the loneliness, the spirit-depleting careerism, the soul-scorching materialism, the mind-numbing entertainment, the heart-perverting imagery – we risk all, plunging into the darkness to help our neighbors, ourselves.